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There are just over 500 days left before the Paris Olympics in 2024 and there are people from Mato Grosso do Sul looking for that dream job. Taekwondo athlete Luiz Felipe de Almeida Aquino has left for North America, where he will compete in the Canadian Open and the US Open, competitions that guarantee points for the sport’s Olympic and world rankings.

Accompanied by coach Fábio Costa, the taekwondo player has the support of the government of Mato Grosso do Sul, through Setescc (Secretary of State for Tourism, Sports, Culture and Citizenship) and Fundesporte (Fundação de Esportes e Lazer). Today, Luiz Felipe is among the top 60 in the world in the category up to 58 kg.

The Canada Open will take place this Friday (24) and Saturday (25) in Vancouver, Canada. The US Open will host Las Vegas, USA next week between March 3-5. Both events can add up to 20 points each to the world rankings.

Athlete of the Brazilian taekwondo team, Luiz Felipe has traveled the world participating in events. In 2022, the 18-year-old player from Mato Grosso do Sul has fought in five international championships, in Brazil (Panama Series III), WE (President’s Cup), Costa Rica (Panama Series II), Chile (Chile Open), and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina Open), winning four medals (one gold and three bronze) and 45.92 points in the international federation standings.

Coach Fabio Costa, or side of athlete Luiz Felipe

“The objective is to reach the top 20 of the ranking to compete in the Grand Prix, the most closed event where the best athletes are. That’s why we go in search of medals to obtain the necessary score to participate at the Olympic Games”, points out coach Fábio Costa, one of those awarded by the Bolsa Técnico, a program of the government of Mato Grosso do Sul coordinated by Fundesporte.

For the technician, the experience acquired by Luiz Felipe last year is essential to achieve the objectives of the current season. “The training continues, we intensify more and more, but the experience he acquired last year was essential. He has more baggage, he has toured in several countries and I am sure this year will be much better”.

After touring Canada and the United States, the athlete from Mato Grosso do Sul already has other appointments on his agenda, still in March. He will participate in the Brazilian team’s field training, through the Radar Project of the Brazilian Taekwondo Confederation (CBTkd), in the Netherlands, France and Belgium.

Lucas Castro, Fundesporte Communication
Photos: Fundesporte/Archives

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