“It is unlikely to find survivors” of a Spanish shipwreck off the Canadian coast, according to the Canadian army | World

After a 36-hour sinking of a Spanish fishing boat off the coast of Canada, it has become “unlikely” to find any other survivors, a Canadian military spokesman said Wednesday.

The lieutenant Nicolas Plourde-Fleurywho is leading the rescue efforts, said in an interview with Agence France Presse that “it is unlikely that any other survivors will be found.”

At least ten people have died after a Spanish fishing boat sank off the Canadian coast on Tuesday (15), the country’s authorities have announced.

The ship carried a crew of at least 24 people. Three were saved alive – and in shock from hypothermia. 11 are still missing.

“We have recovered seven dead and three survivors,” Brian Owens of the Canadian Relief Coordination Center told AFP.

The crew was made up of sailors of Spanish, Peruvian and Ghanaian nationalities and sank at sea near the coast of Terranova and Labrador.

Authorities The Canadians sent a rescue helicopter and ship to the areawhich is about 450 kilometers off the island of Terranova, said a spokeswoman for Resgate Maritmo.

“Weather at the moment is complicating our search. Waves are about four meters high and visibility is reduced by about a quarter of a nautical mile,” Owens explained.

However, the search will “continue whatever the weather”, he assured.


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