João Bosco Vaz replaces Mauro Zacher in the Chamber of Porto Alegre

Councilor João Bosco Vaz (PDT) took office, this Wednesday, during the plenary session in the Chamber of Porto Alegre. Bosco resumes his sixth term after the death of Mauro Zacher. He would have up to 30 days to take over, but since the sessions are held in a hybrid format, the House prosecutor understood that a virtual inauguration is possible, since the parliamentarian and his wife are traveling to Canada to make visit their son.

Without holding back tears, Bosco spoke up, saying it was a day of “pain and reflection.” “This swearing in does not make me proud or proud, on the contrary. We are all sad and hurt, trying to understand everything that has happened,” he said. The family, determined to “honor the mandate of councilor Mauro Zacher”, in addition to giving satisfaction to its voters.

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“I have been in this House for 24 years, five consecutive terms and one as an alternate. I learned a lot and contributed to our city. Fate puts me in the face of this obligation”, he said, defining himself as an adviser “open to dialogue, without criticizing critics in search of a voice”. Bosco recalled that, despite the “political disagreements”, he had always had a relationship of respect and good coexistence with Zacher.

After taking office, Bosco requested time off to resume on the 13th, when he will return to Porto Alegre, after resolving personal issues. Until then, the trend is for the party’s second alternate, Delegate Cleiton, to take the House seat.

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