Justin Bieber cancels concerts for health reasons

Canadian singer Justin Bieber, 28, announced on social media that he had to cancel the shows he would be doing in Canada and the United States between this Wednesday (8) and Friday (10). The reason is that the health is bad.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this. I’ve tried my best to get better, but my illness is getting worse. My heart is broken to have to postpone these upcoming shows (by doctor’s order). At all my audience, i love you so much and i’m going to rest and get better,” Bieber wrote.

In 2020, the musician revealed to suffer from Lyme disease. According to Dr. Hélio Bacha, infectious disease specialist at the Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital, diagnosis is very difficult and often the symptoms are easily confused as coming from other illnesses. He was talking at the time with the F5.

“The disease has an infectious cause and is caused by a tick bite. The bacteria is borrelia, which is like a cousin of the bacteria that causes syphilis, but Lyme disease has nothing to do with a sexually transmissible”, specifies the specialist.

“For a long time, this disease seemed rheumatological, allergic. Finding out is complicated,” he said. According to the professional, Lyme can cause an acute infection and this later in some cases can generate chronic arthritis, heart disease and neurological symptoms.

In Brazil, according to him, there are still no manifestly sensitive serological tests to the point of dismantling the dimension of the disease here. “I’ve seen cases of disease with Lyme diagnosis and treatment that wasn’t Lyme, it was a rheumatological disease,” Bacha said.

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