Leather seats and car dashboard: See how the ‘luxury sports car’ treads water at 100 km/h in SC | Santa Catarina

Leather Seats and Car Dashboard: See What the ‘Luxury Sports Car’ Looks Like That Runs on Water

A Steering and throttle work like a motor vehicle, according to the company responsible. In addition, there are cup holders and a seat belt. (video above).

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Interior of the ‘luxury sports car that walks on water’ — Photo: Disclosure

According to the American Seacar Vehigh, which developed the boat, “the feeling is to drive a robust, comfortable and fast car”.

The model costs from 380,000 BRL, and is available for a test drive at Itajaion the north coast of Santa Catarina, until this Sunday (21).

Discover the “luxury sports car” that runs on water at 100 km/h

The visit is free, but it only takes place by appointment by telephone (48) 4042-2643.

The speed of the boat, according to the company, reaches 100km/h. According to Marina de Itajaí, the ship is traveling at around 60 miles per hour, which is equivalent to 100 km per hour, a common speed for motorboats.

The production used graphene technology, a material “100 times stronger than steel”, according to the company.

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The ship looks like a luxury sports car — Photo: Disclosure

The boat will be available for a test drive in Itajaí until Sunday (21) — Photo: Disclosure

The ship model costs from BRL 380,000 — Photo: Disclosure

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