Life After 2: will the film have a sequel?

With Jenna Ortega and Maddie Ziegler, “Life After” was released in 2021 and told the story of a teenager in high school, who has to deal with a school tragedy and begins to re-evaluate her relationships.

After surviving a school shooting, Vada Cavell (Ortega) and her friend Mia Reed (Ziegler) must overcome psychological trauma. With the encouragement of her parents Patricia (Julie Bowen) and Carlos Cavell (John Ortiz), Vada undergoes therapy and begins to better manage anxiety and post-traumatic stress. As a result, Vada reconnects with her friends Quinton Hasland (Niles Fitch) and Mia, relearning the lessons of friendship and love from them.

Despite the good reception of the public, no information yet if there will be a continuation of the story.

More information about The Afterlife

Directed by Canadian Megan Park, the production received three awards at the American media festival South by Southwest. Critically, the film received positive reviews from major portals such as Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Screenrant, and The New York Times.

On the site Rotten Tomatoes, Life After is approved at 93% by critics, with an audience of 82%, which represents yet another successful production with Jenna Ortega. In November 2022, the actress became a phenomenon after starring with Wandinha, a Netflix series, racking up positive balances on her resume.

Apart from the protagonists, the film A Vida Later also has a cast with Julie Bowen, John Ortiz, Niles Fitch, Will Ropp and Shailene Woodley and the production is available on the platform of HBO Max.

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