Lula reinstates visa requirement for tourists from Australia, Canada, USA and Japan – Jovem Pan

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) participates in the inauguration ceremony of the Council for Social Participation this Wednesday (19), at the Escola Superior do TCU (Tribunal de Contas da União), in Brasilia

Tourists coming from Australia, Canada, WE It is Japan must, from October 1 of this year, have a visa to enter the Brazil. The ordinance which determines the resumption of the requirement of the document was signed, in the morning of this Wednesday 3, by the president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). In 2019, the then president Jair Bolsonaro suspended the visa requirement, even knowing that the four countries require the document from Brazilians who wish to visit them. According to the current government, the recovery measure is based on the principle of reciprocity and should have a minimal impact on the tourism sector. At the beginning of March this year, Lula had already anticipated the resumption of the visa requirement for the four countries. A government survey has pointed out that there has not been a huge increase in the flow of tourists since the visa requirement was lifted. Note, the Itamaraty informed that “Brazil does not grant unilateral exemptions from visit visas, without reciprocity, to other countries”. The agency reinforces that “the Brazilian government will be ready to continue to negotiate, with the four countries mentioned, visa exemption agreements on a reciprocal basis”, indicates another part of the text.

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