Mexico again requires a physical visa for Brazilians to enter the country

Brazilians wishing to travel to Mexico from the 18th must present a physical visa, the one printed on their passport, to enter the country. Since December, only the electronic authorization obtained digitally on the site of the National Institute of Migration of Mexico was required.

With the new requirement, before travelling, Brazilians must make an appointment and visit the selected Mexican consulate. The problem is that, at the moment, there are no more vacancies for the request.

This is the case of Queila Risia, a 37-year-old civil servant. She bought tickets to travel to Mexico later this month but fears she won’t be able to board because she doesn’t have a physical visa. If Queila cannot board, she will lose the tickets purchased from a Brazilian travel agency.

The director general of Procon of the Federal District, Marcelo Nascimento, affirms that the companies must follow what was signed in the contract, but since this is an atypical situation, certain exceptions can be envisaged.

In a note published the day July 28, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that it was following “with concern the reports of hundreds of Brazilians who are currently unable, for technical reasons, to process the electronic authorization to enter Mexico”. The Itamaraty informed that it had requested urgent measures from the Mexican government to solve the problem.

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