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Mick Schumacher did not show a positive performance in this year’s season of Formula 1. After seven races, the German still hasn’t scored any championship points. The Haas driver’s campaign has been marked by crashes, like last Sunday (29) at the Monaco Grand Prix, in which Mick lost control of the steering wheel and crashed into a protective barrier with such force that the car broke in two.

However, Mick is not the only one. In addition to him, three other pilots are zeroed in the general classification of the 2022 season of the modality. Aston Martin’s Nico Hulkenberg, who replaced Sebastian Vettel in the opening two rounds, and Williams’ Nicholas Latifi also failed to score in this year’s championship.

Mick Schumacher’s season marred by accidents

Last Sunday’s accident in Monaco was not the first accident involving Mick Schumacher this year. During qualifying for the Saudi Arabian GP, ​​during the second stage of the 2022 F1 season, the German driver, without control of the vehicle, crashed violently against a side wall.

At the time, the Haas driver had to be taken to hospital due to the force of the impact, but was not injured. Training was stopped and Mick Schumacher did not take part in this stage.

In Miami, Schumacher also crashed his car. With just three laps to go, the Haas driver ended up colliding with Vettel, who didn’t see him approaching. Neither of the two competitors scored in this stage.

The son of seven-time champion Michael Schumacher, Mick has come under fire for the series of crashes he has been involved in. The driver also finished last season without scoring points.

Hulkenberg replaces Vettel, scores no points, but still plans to return to title

Apart from Mick Schumacher, Nico Hülkenberg also failed to score points in the 2022 season. Outside Formula 1 as a starter since 2019, the driver opened the championship for Aston Martin this year as a replacement for Sebastian Vettel .

Hulkenberg finished the Bahrain GP, ​​in the first race of the season, in 17th position. In Saudi Arabia, the driver took 12th place.

Nico Hulkenberg’s fate is still uncertain. In April, the driver assumed that he did not rule out returning to the F1 title, if a concrete opportunity presented itself. However, he admits that “it will not be an easy task”.

Canadian in the championship lantern

Williams’ Nicholas Latifi also showed disappointing results in the 2022 F1 season. At the Monaco GP, the driver also suffered a collision with a wall. Unlike the accident with Mick Schumacher’s car, the incident in which Latifi was involved was nothing more than a minor accident – in the slowest corner of the track.

After the race, the Canadian had to explain himself. According to him, something “very strange” happened with the accelerator of the Williams car: “it did not lock up, but it was as if the accelerator had a brake”, he said. he reveals. The pilot said he knew he had done nothing wrong and said when he tried to turn the corner he was “thrown suddenly”.

Other accidents involving Latifi occurred during the Abu Dhabi stages, when he crashed into a barrier six laps from the end of the race, at turn 14, and during qualifying practice for the GP of Australia, in which fellow Canadian Lance Stroll of Aston Martin crashed into the Williams driver between turns 5 and 6.

The next stage of Formula 1 will take place on the 12th, in Azerbaijan.

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