Ministry of Health launches a public notice with 307 vacancies in Mais Médicos for Ceará | your luck

Professionals should start working in the municipalities of Ceará at the end of June. — Photo: Jose Leomar/SVM

O Ministry of Health will open, from this Friday (26), a public notice with 307 Mais Médicos job offers for Ceara. Opportunities will come through 106 municipalities. Registration remains open until May 31 and it is expected that professionals will start working in municipalities at the end of June.

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In addition to Brazilian doctors registered in Brazil who will have priority in the selection, Brazilians trained abroad or foreigners may also participate, who will continue to work with Ministry of Health Registration (RMS) in vacancies not filled by doctors registered in the country.

Registration and allocation in the municipalities

To register, the professional simply needs to access the Program Management System (PMS) between May 26 and May 31, by email address. After validation of registration, from June 1 to 5, candidates will be able to indicate up to two locations of their preference.

In the assignment of professionals, criteria related to title, training and previous experience in the project will be taken into account. And, in order to make equality, priority will be given to candidates residing closer to their place of work at Mais Médicos, those who have the longest time since obtaining their diploma and those who are older.

More Physicians Program

Currently, more than 8,000 doctors work in the More Physicians Program and the public notice open now consists, according to the Ministry of Health, of recomposing the vacancies of the last four years, in addition to an unprecedented 1,000 vacancies for the legal Amazon.

The program aims to ensure medical care, especially in regions where care is lacking, by offering professionals opportunities for qualification and improvement, in addition to incentives and benefits to work in more vulnerable areas. The Ministry of Health issued a total public notice with 5,970 vacancies distributed in 1,994 municipalities in all regions of Brazil. Across the Northeast region, there will be 1,250 vacancies.

Around 45% of vacancies are in regions of social vulnerability and historically with difficulty in providing professionals. In 2023, 117 doctors were called to work in the Indigenous Health Districts (DSEIS), including in the Yanomami territory which is in a health emergency situation.

The federal government’s expectation is to reach the end of the year with 28,000 Mais Médicos professionals serving nationwide, mostly in areas of extreme poverty. With this, more than 96 million Brazilians will have the guarantee of medical care in primary care, the gateway to the SUS.

Contract length

The participation contract for the initiative is for four years, renewable for the same period. In total, the investment planned by the federal government for this year is R$712 million.

The new version of the project establishes benefits to promote the extended stay of doctors. Between them:

  • for doctors who remain on vacation for at least 3 years: possibility of paying an additional 10% to 20% of the total amount of grants for the entire duration of the program, depending on the vulnerability of the municipality;
  • for doctors trained by the Fies: Additional 40% to 80% of the total amount of scholarships for the entire duration of the program, depending on the vulnerability of the municipality. The benefit will be paid in four instalments, 10% per year for the first three years and the remaining 70% after 48 months;
  • incentive for Fies physicians residing in family medicine, with assistance for payment of student loan debt;
  • complete the value of the scholarship for women in maternity leave who are beginning to receive aid from the INSS, which did not happen before;
  • 20 days off for paternity leave. Before, there was no such possibility; offer specializations and masters.


The new format of the program maintains the possibility for foreign and Brazilian doctors trained abroad, but continues to give preference to natives trained in the country.

In the case of those with a foreign degree, the Ministry of Education plans to encourage them to take the Revalida, a test that allows the validation of the degree from an institution in another country to operate in Brazil.

Family and Community Resident Physicians will have an additional 10% score for program selection.

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