Muse of the Cup scandalizes with an improvised dental floss parade and fans do not forgive dirty floors: “I could have cleaned it sooner” | celebrities

Croatian model and influencer Ivana Knöll took advantage of the space on her balcony to improvise a fashion show for her more than three million followers. The muse, however, didn’t pay attention to all the details – and some fans were unforgiving.

Croatian muse Ivana Knöll — Photo: reproduction/Instagram

The famous 30-year-old shook up the last World Cup when she was seen flaunting her beauty in the stands in Qatar. Always dressed in sensual clothes from Croatia, Ivana attracts the lens of photographers and imposes herself as the muse of the competition.

“Let ’em burn,” the social media star captioned her post. In the video, Ivana wears a black thong bikini and high heels to provide a brief fashion show for netizens.

Ivana Knöll improvises for the fans — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In addition to the obvious praise, more attentive Internet users have pinned the dirty floor that the muse has chosen to parade. “You could have cleaned the porch floor first,” one suggested. “The tiles on your terrace are a little dirty,” joked another. “What a dirty balcony,” the third said.

See the post:

Ivana managed to shock internet users with her sultry and stunning posts. Recently, she wore skimpy lingerie and received acclaim on the web.

Model and influencer Ivana Knöll — Photo: Playback/Instagram

The model has been present at the World Cups since 2014. With the rise of social media in recent years, Ivana has continued to ride the wave and has seen her number of followers increase from around 500,000 to 3.3 million currently during this year. .period.

Ivana Knöll: muse of Croatia at the 2022 World Cup – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Ivana Knöll: muse of Croatia at the 2022 World Cup – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Ivana’s success has been so great that the muse was invited to spend New Year’s Eve with Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx, who is currently recovering from a delicate health problem. Subsequently, he even entered the VIP list of a party organized by Leonardo DiCaprio and posed with the Canadian rapper Drake.

Drake and the sweet muse Ivana Knöll — Photo: playback/Instagram

Later that month she was invited in luxury to take a behind-the-scenes look at Formula 1 and entertained Ferrari mechanics during her visit to the team’s box.

Model Ivana Knöll on her trip to the Miami GP — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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