Netflix happy with results of Portuguese stock blocking

Netflix was pleased with the results achieved with its initiative to block account sharing, especially in countries like Portugal, which motivated it to believe it had made the best decision.

Since February, Netflix subscribers who want to share their account with someone who lives at another address have to pay 3.99 euros and Portugal has been mentioned along with Spain, New Zealand and Canada as examples of satisfactory results. obtained with the measurement.

“We are pleased with the results of our first quarter initiatives in Canada, New Zealand, Spain and Portugal, which reinforces our confidence that we have taken the right approach,” the company said in the latest. financial presentation.

Netflix was already expecting the account cancellation reactions when the news broke, but those who had borrowed accounts started activating their own accounts and other subscribers started paying for additional members, which ended by increasing the number of subscribers and revenue.

As revealed, Canada is one of Netflix’s favorite examples where revenue and subscribers have increased, after blocking account sharing.

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