Netflix postpones plan to extend end of password sharing

the streaming platform netflix postponed its plan to extend its new policy of password sharing restriction after observing a “cancellation reaction” in countries where the measure has already been implemented by the company.

The new policy is already in effect in countries like Canada (where there has been an increase in subscriptions), New Zealand, Spain and Portugal, and the streaming platform said to itself ” satisfied with the result” obtained by the measurement.

However, Netflix has also seen a “cancellation reaction” in markets where the restriction has been rolled out, which is impacting subscriber growth in the short term. A The large-scale restriction would start in March, but has been postponed to the next quarter.

Despite this, streaming projects user growth as people using borrowed IDs create their own subscriptions. The company is also confident that it will meet its financial targets for 2023.

It should be remembered that with the new rules, the user account will only be able to be used in one residence, which will be configured as a “main location” to allow people who live together to have access to the same record.

There is still no forecast for the launch of this measure in Brazil. The company announced yesterday, Tuesday (18), that it expects revenue of $8.24 billion for the period from April to June this year, a growth of 3% year on year. .

And you, do you think this change in Netflix policy will lead to many cancellations? Tell us in the comments below!

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