Netizens blast Xurrasco and mock tiktoker career: ‘Make money just by twerking’

The musical controversylittle love“, recorded in the voice of treycehas become one of the most discussed topics in recent weeks.

The song, which was released in 2022, became popular at this year’s carnival after tiktoker barbecue used it as a soundtrack for a choreography in one of his videos.

However, in March of this year, a somewhat problematic novelty appeared around the song “Lovezinho”: Treyce’s single uses the melody of “say he LAW“, by Canadian singer nelly stolen. However, the beat was used without permission and without credit to the Canadian singer.


Since last week when the song was taken down from major audio platforms, several netizens have taken to tiktoker social media to leave nasty comments: “How can a boy get rich twerking?” said a user. “Today it’s cool to study, 5 years of engineering, postgraduate, mastering 3 languages ​​and the guy does a little dance on tiktok and has money to buy the company for which you work,” said another. “I can’t believe it’s culture, they make money from it, look at the dance!” I think I made a mistake in life. It is not possible. Guy posts this and becomes a hit,” another wrote.

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