New Virgin River series reunites cast from Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill

fans of virgin river already has a new series to watch even if, initially, it should not arrive on Netflix. And the most interesting thing is that the generation of the 2000s will recognize a few faces, since the cast that integrates the attraction has already passed through established titles like Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill.

We talk about the new series Sullivan’s Crossinga Canadian drama based on the book of the same name – which is by the same author of virgin riverRobyn Carr.

The drama will arrive in the United States via the CW channel, so there are possibilities for it to be painted here in Brazil on a platform or channel of the Warner Media group, such as HBO Max.

In the casting, we meet stars like Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill) and Scott Patterson (Gilmore Girls) and, in addition, Morgan Kohan known for When Hope Calls, derived from When the heart calls you.

What is the story of the series Sullivan’s Crossing?

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As shown, the series Sullivan’s Crossing is based on the best-selling book by Robyn Carr, the same author of virgin river.

The story follows Maggie Sullivan (Kohan), a renowned neurosurgeon who, according to the synopsis, “apparently has it all, until her business partner is charged with fraud and she is charged with negligence. Seeking to distance herself from the fallout, Maggie decides to leave Boston, returning to her childhood home of Sullivan’s Crossing, a rustic, isolated camp on the beautiful coast still ruled by her estranged father, Sully Sullivan (Patterson).», Says the synopsis.

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And carry on. “There, Maggie rekindles old friendships and builds new ones with the locals.. Including a handsome newcomer, Cal Jones (Murray), who only complicates his life further. As Maggie struggles to clear her name and reputation, she is forced to confront her painful past, while trying to reconnect with a side of herself she has long forgotten.

The series has the “vibe” virgin river and the Chesapeake coasts

New Virgin River-like series debuts
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As you can see from the synopsis, the series has a very similar vibe to virgin river It is Chesapeake ribs. Once we have a female character, from the medical world, who leaves the big city and goes to a small town to start over.

Reconnecting with family and old loves also brings to mind the history of Chesapeake Shores. In this way, the series does not bring an unprecedented intrigue, and it is in fact even beaten. But even so, it’s generally quite successful, promising to be another TV hit.

As one of the great promises of the chain grid C.W. in the United States, the channel’s president celebrated the attraction’s debut.

Sullivan’s Crossing is an authentic and emotionally charged family drama. And one that will immediately resonate with audiences thanks to an incredible cast as well as themes of self-reflection, second chances, and the power of community. said Brad Schwartz, president of entertainment for The CW.

The first season has 10 episodes in total.

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