Nishimura Foundation adopts new method in public schools in MS cities – News about giro cities

The Shunji Nishimura Technology Foundation, of Pompeia, has signed an agreement to support innovation in the municipal education network of Maracaju (MS) in a pioneering project for the first experience of the model in a public education network.

The model uses a differentiated approach to work with students from primary school onwards with a view to transforming education and the future of children. The student is the protagonist of the learning process

Elvis Fusco, executive superintendent of the Shunji Nishimura Foundation, said the methodology changes the relationship between teacher and student, it promotes the release of learner autonomy and innovation, in addition to mastery of content.

Jorge Nishimura, member of the board of directors of the FSNT, underlined the satisfaction and the emotion for the implementation of this educational philosophy in the first city of the country to adopt the methodology and Deep Learning Model, from the original in English Deep Learning, an empowering education model that goes beyond the traditional command-and-control method.

Created by Tom Rudmik, a Canadian educator, this model empowers students to take control and responsibility for their own learning, increasing motivation and learning effectiveness.

The initiative came from the Rural Union of Maracaju, through the director of the Women’s Center, Ana Nery Terra Souza.The president of the Union, Fabio Olegário Caminha, stressed that the signing of the agreement reaffirms the commitment of the institution to contribute to the development of the community.

The signing of the agreement – which accompanied the 52nd Expomara and the 99th anniversary of the city, was attended by the governor of Mato Grosso do Sul, Eduardo Riedel, in addition to the mayor of Maracaju, Marcos Calderan.

Also participating in the signing were the Executive Superintendent of Colégio Shunji Nishimura, Ariane Nishimura Kunihiro and other authorities, including councillors, municipal and state secretaries, teachers and principals of schools in the municipality.

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