On vacation, F1 drivers take the opportunity to travel and rest for the rest of the season

The Hungarian GP, ​​held on the last weekend of July, marked the start of the so-called “summer break” – in Portuguese, summer vacation – a time intended for a break in the season of Formula 1 for drivers, engineers, mechanics, trainers, that is to say everyone linked to the category, to rest and recharge.

Rest reigns, but it is not necessarily synonymous with staying at home. Most of the drivers on the Formula 1 grid already spend the whole year traveling, but when resting they also take the opportunity to fly and enjoy exclusive destinations. See some of them below:

1 – Mallorca, Spain

The Spanish islands were definitely a recurring destination for pilots. Carlos Sainz Jr., Ferrari driver, shared on his social networks some photos of his visit to Mallorca, in his native country. There he enjoyed his vacation with friends and his girlfriend, fashion journalist Isa Hernáez, riding jet skis and refreshing himself with beer.

Also visiting was Britain’s George Russell, who together with his family and girlfriend, executive Carmen Mundt, took full advantage of the blue skies, crystal clear ocean and Mondrago beach to the south -east of Majorca.

The German Mick Schumacher has also added this destination to his passport. The Haas driver took to Instagram to snap photos of his time on the island filled with resorts and limestone mountains. From what his social media accounts indicate, little “Schumi” and his dog Angie took the time to relax and enjoy the sunset as well as nature.

2 – Ibiza, Spain

Rest, relaxation… That’s what holidays are for, isn’t it? Well, one of the younger guys on the grid, Lando Norris, might not quite agree. The British McLaren driver traveled to Ibiza with his girlfriend, model Luisa Oliveira, friends and family, spending most of his time at sea, enjoying the strong sun and having fun on the evenings of one of the main heavenly and festive destinations in the world. planet.

Before resuming preparations in Maranello, Italy, Charles Leclerc was also present in Ibiza. The Monegasque Ferrari, which is already preparing the conditioning for the second half of the season, has put his friends and his girlfriend, the architect Charlotte Sine, to climb the mountains and explore the natural beauty of the Balearic island.

3 – Corsica (France) and Sardinia, Italy

At the end of the Hungarian GP, ​​which again did not go according to Ferrari’s plans, Leclerc set sail for the Mediterranean islands, via Bonifacio, located in Corsica, and Porto Cervo, in Sardinia. The islands are washed by crystal clear waters and filled with cliffs.

Although he did not announce it on his networks, we know that the French Esteban Ocon was also in Porto Cervo, Sardinia. His girlfriend, blogger and model Elena Berri shared some photos with the alpine runner enjoying a spa near the Emerald Coast town.

4 – Mykonos and Crete, Greece

Greece could not be left out of this queue. Pierre Gasly guaranteed his presence in the Greek paradise, enjoying parties and beaches with his friends. On his Instagram, he confessed: “I love Greek escapades. Pierre, Pedro and now call me Petros” – the Greek version of his French name Pierre. Mykonos seems to be on Gasly’s favorites list.

Greece was also Nicholas Latifi’s destination. However, instead of visiting Mykonos, the Canadian from Williams, accompanied by his girlfriend, model Sandra Dziwiszek, left for Crete, the largest and most populated of the Greek islands. There they took advantage of the Abaton Island Resort & Spa, known for being a minimalist and stylish escape.

5 – Saint-Tropez, France

The French Riviera is famous for its charming destinations, including the city of Saint-Tropez. Dutchman Max Verstappen and his family took to the streets and beaches, relaxing and recharging their energies to compete in a championship he can now call his own.

6- Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania

A different trip from the itinerary of other pilots was the program of Briton Lewis Hamilton, who visited four African countries: Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. “I’m going to do something different over the holidays this year, I’m finally going in search of my roots in Africa. I’m surrounded by enormous beauty and I feel back on axis and at peace,” said the seven-time champion on his social networks.

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