Operator plans to complete Nord Stream 1 maintenance on Thursday

sAccording to a company spokesperson, Nord Stream plans to complete the “annual maintenance” on July 21 at 06:00 a.m. (05:00 a.m. in Lisbon).

Last week, the Russian gas giant Gazprom pointed out that the proper functioning of the Nord Stream, which transports Russian gas to Germany and has been shut down since the 11th, depended on the recovery of certain turbines blocked in Canada due to the sanctions imposed by the European Union to Russia, since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine.

“Regarding the operation of the gas pipeline in the future, much will depend on our partners, both in terms of demand and to avoid the impact of unilateral and illegitimate restrictive measures on its operation”, also underlined the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreign Affairs. Business. , Maria Zajarova.

However, on Monday, the German government explained that the replacement of the turbine of the gas pipeline that transports Russian gas to Europe was only planned for September and stressed that there should be no technical obstacles to the import.

Meanwhile, Germany’s largest importer of Russian gas revealed it had received a letter from Russia’s Gazprom alleging ‘force majeure’ as the reason for the past and current ‘shortfall’ in gas supplies, a claim that German society rejected. .

Gazprom cut gas deliveries through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany by 60% last month.

The Russian gas giant cited alleged technical problems involving equipment its partner Siemens Energy sent to Canada for overhaul and which could not be returned due to sanctions imposed during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Canadian government stressed more than a week ago that it would authorize the delivery of the gas turbine powering a compressor station in Germany, citing the “very significant difficulties” that the German economy would suffer without a gas supply enough to keep industries going and to produce heat and electricity.

German politicians have dismissed Russia’s technical explanation for last month’s cut in gas through Nord Stream 1, citing the decision as a political move by the Kremlin (Russian Presidency) aimed at creating uncertainty and further spike energy prices.

Nord Stream 1 was fully shut down for annual maintenance on July 11.

German officials fear that Russia will not be able to resume gas deliveries after work is scheduled to end on Thursday and present an alleged technical reason for not doing so.

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