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Oh Palm trees They could be without Allianz Parque in half of the matches they have to play at home for the rest of the Brazilian Championship. With a busy concert schedule, the club may have to use another stadium in the final stretch of the competition.

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Between the months of October and November, Allianz Parque has 15 confirmed shows. Performances from The Weeknd, Evanescence, Roger Waters, RBD, Taylor Swift, among other names that make up an electronic music festival, are scheduled.

Allianz Parque, home of Palmeiras — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

The presentations coincide with four games that the Palm trees will be the home team at the Brasileirão during this period. The first will take place on October 8, when the club will host Santos for a classic valid for the 26th days. On the 10th and 11th, Canadian singer The Weeknd has concerts scheduled at the stadium.

Setting the stage would prevent Verdão from playing at home against Santos. The club is seeking an adjustment at the table with the CBF to be able to host the classic at the Allianz Parque.

Three more matches, all in November, are unlikely to provide an easy solution for the Palm trees be able to play at home. There are 12 shows scheduled at Allianz Parque between the 4th and the 26th.

During the same period, Verdão has commitments against Athletico (32nd day); Internacional (34th round) and América-MG (36th round). Oh Palm trees they face Fluminense again, on the 37th day, in the club’s last home match of the year.

Assembling the show stage at Allianz Parque in 2022 — Photo: Felipe Zito

The logistics of editing the scenes do not allow Palm trees the request to modify the date of the respective games. The three matches in question, against Athletico, Internacional and América-MG, must have another venue.

The club has invested in improving the Arena Barueri pitch, a prime venue to host matches if necessary.

Oh age contacted Real Arenas, the company that manages Allianz Parque, to confirm the impossibility of Palm trees perform on site due to show schedule. Through a note, the company has not confirmed that the games should change.

– The dates confirmed by the CBF include matches that will take place until 10/25, therefore Allianz Parque cannot confirm that sporting events will take place after this date – the statement said.

Recording of the Arena Barueri pitch made in June — Photo: Disclosure/SEP

Check out the schedule of shows and games at Allianz Parque in October and November below:

  • 5/10Palm trees x Boca Juniors (Libertadores);
  • 8/10 Palm trees x Santos (Brasileirão);
  • 10/11 – Show The Weeknd;
  • 11/11 The weekend;
  • 19/10Palm trees x Atlético-MG (Brasileirão);
  • 21/10 – Évanescence Show;
  • 25/10 Palm trees x São Paulo (Brasileirão);
  • 28, 29 or 10/30 Palm trees x Bahia (Brazil).
  • 4.5 or 6/11Palm trees x Athletico-PR (Brasileirão);
  • 4/11 – GPWeek Festival;
  • 5/11 – GPWeek Festival;
  • 11, 12 or 13 Palm trees x International (Brasileirão);
  • 11/11 – Roger Waters Show;
  • 12/11 – Roger Waters Show;
  • 14/11– Show Alanis Morissette;
  • 16,17, 18 and 19/11 – RBD Tour;
  • 24, 25 and 26/11 -Taylor Swift Tour;
  • 25, 26 or 27/11Palm trees x America-MG (Brasileirão);
  • 29 or 30/11 Palm trees x Fluminense (Brasileirão).

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