Panasonic is attacked again and the Canada division has data stolen

The manufacturer Panasonic has been the target of a new cyberattack against the Canadian division of the company. The case happened in February 2022 and has only now been confirmed by the Japanese company.

According to the profile specialized in cybersecurity @vx-undergroundthe responsible person was keep on going, a ransomware framework that can be acquired by criminals and tailored to different targets. A total of 2.8 GB of brand data was allegedly stolen, including various systems files and spreadsheets, as well as finance and human resources documents.

It should be remembered that this is not the first recent attack of this type against Panasonic: in early 2022, it confirmed that the criminal exploitation of a vulnerability in systems that took place last year generated unauthorized access to the data of candidates for employment with the company. .

what the company says

In a statement sent to the website Tech CrunchPanasonic claims through a spokesperson that it was indeed the target of a “targeted cybersecurity attack”, without exactly denying or confirming that it was ransomware.

The brand has not yet detailed the intensity of the invasion, but it is already investigating the matter and notifying potential customers whose data may be compromised.

“We took immediate action to resolve the incident with the assistance of cybersecurity experts and our service providers. This includes identifying the extent of the impact, containing malware, cleaning and restoring systems, rebuilding applications and communicating promptly with affected consumers and relevant authorities.” , reads the text.

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