Patos de Minas wins Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Championship title

The unprecedented title for the team, also known as Valkirias, was won during a campaign of seven wins in seven games.

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Patense Paralympic Association (APP-MG) won the Brazilian Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Championshipthis Sunday 13, at the Paralympic Training Center in São Paulo.

The unprecedented title for the team, also known as Valkirias, was won during a campaign of seven wins in seven games. In the decision, the Minas Gerais team defeated the Irefes team, of Espírito Santo, by 59 to 50. The last match of the competition was broadcast live by SportTV2. This was the first televised broadcast of a major Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball Championship game.


“It’s very emotional. We played some good matches. Getting here in the final and winning the gold medal is very important for our project. It shows that we are evolving, that we are growing, I’m very happy “, celebrated”, celebrated Geisa Vieira, of the APP.

Irefes had been champion last year. Paola Klokler, player for the Brazilian national team and team, said her team did a good job, even with the defeat in the final. “I think our greatest strength is the team, the collective. Despite the defeat, we managed to show that the collective is there. We lost players just before the championship[pour cause de blessure]we had to restructure the team, but that didn’t change our strength, we reached the final, we had a great championship. We are alive and happy with what we are doing,” he said.

The basket of the game was Canadian athlete Arinn Young, also known as Juice. For Irefes, the top scorer was Silvelane Oliveira, with 23 points.

The advantage of the Minas Gerais team started to build in the first quarter, ending at 16 against 8 for APP. At the end of the second quarter, the gap was seven points (30 to 23), distance maintained in the third quarter (43 to 36). The difference between the two teams was even greater in the last quarter, finishing at 59 against 50 for the Patos de Minas team.

On Saturday, All Star Pará secured third place beating Adesul 63-42.

The first phase of the competition, which ended on Friday 11, was played in a single bracket, with all teams playing against all.

The Brasileiro had six teams from the states of Pará, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo: All Star Rodas Pará – Banco da Amazônia, All Star Rodas Belém – Banco da Amazônia, both from the state of Pará, Associação D’ Eficiência Superando Limits – ADESUL of Ceará, Sports Association for the Physically Handicapped of São Gonçalo – ADD SG – Navebrás of Rio de Janeiro, Patense Paralympic Association – APP/UNIPAM/DB of Minas Gerais, and Institute of Rehabilitation and Sports for the Physically Handicapped of ‘Espírito Santo – IREFES / SESPORT do Espírito Santo.

The championship is organized by the Brazilian Wheelchair Basketball Confederation (CBBC) with the support of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB).

All matches were also broadcast on Youtube channel of the Brazilian Wheelchair Basketball Confederation (CBBC).


Wheelchair basketball is a sport sponsored by Loterias Caixa

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