PlayStation officially acquires Haven Studios, Mark Cerny is involved

O Haven Studios in Jade Raymond now officially part of from PlayStation. According to a new interview with GamesIndustry.bizthe “small” Canadian team – which has exploded to 106 employees – is already influencing other primary teams.

A lengthy interview with Raymond gets to the heart of the matter, but formed during the pandemic, Haven Studios is a pioneer in cloud-based remote work opportunities. It makes sense, of course, considering that much of the company was formed from the ashes of Google Stadia’s failed first-party initiative, but its approach is attracting the attention of other developers as part of PlayStation Studios.

In fact, it looks like Haven Studios is poised to be a true innovator, with the PS5 and PS4 architect, Marc Cernyinvolved .

“[Cerny] This is one of the main reasons why we invest so much in R&D and in this very high level team of engineers,” revealed Raymond. “It’s not just cloud-related, but also a bit more forward-thinking R&D. I can’t say too much right now, but that’s obviously one of the other things that’s been a huge draw and which is exciting for our team with PlayStation.

As for the Haven Studios game, it’s part of Sony’s online service – although we hope for more. animal crossing that Fortnite. Part of your technical goal is build tools that allow you to iterate and scale the game quicklywithout the bottlenecks commonly found in projects of this scale – and with a relatively smaller team.

The interview is an interesting read, although you’ll need to understand the business, as it really delves into the details of recruitment and management. For example, Haven Studios has a flat hierarchy with only three superiors overseeing the entire company – mostly remotely as well.

Although the mere mention of “live serviceWithout a doubt leave the comments in chaos, it’s fascinating that this relatively new studio is already catching the attention of high-ranking PlayStation employees and can influence how other core teams can evolve and grow.

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