Pope Francis raises the possibility of resigning for health reasons | National Review

Leaning on a cane, on his return from his six-day trip to Canada, Pope Francis went to the back of the plane to speak to reporters.

Of politics, I have spoken little. He noted the international quality of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who last week lost his majority in the Italian Parliament. But he recalled, with irony, that no one governs for long in the country.

The trip was also a test for his health. His right knee hurts, and the pontiff knows he can’t continue at the same pace as before. He would still like to visit Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Sudan and Congo.

“Let’s see what the leg says,” Francis said. “At my age and with these limitations, I have to save a little to be able to serve the Church. Or, consider the possibility of moving.

It wasn’t the first time he had broached the subject of resignation, but it was perhaps the most emphatic statement. “It’s not a disaster to change popes,” Francis said, clearly opening the door to the pontiff’s retirement.

“I think I have to limit myself a bit to these efforts,” acknowledged the pope. “But I will try to travel and be with people.”

In Quebec this week, francis asked for forgiveness for what Christians have done to indigenous peoples. But not everyone was satisfied, because they did not hear the word genocide from him..

“I didn’t think of the word, but I described the genocide itself. It was genocide, yes. You can write,” he admitted.

He condemned the forms of exploitation and colonialism that still exist against indigenous peoples.in different parts of the world.

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