PPGNS/Uece offers a course in partnership with a Canadian university

May 3, 2023 – 3:42 p.m.
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The Postgraduate Program in Nutrition and Health (PPGNS) of the State University of Ceará (Uece) and the toronto metropolitan university follow the course Exploring prospective acceptance of evidence-based innovation in Fortaleza, Brazil.

The course will be offered in Mundo Verde, face-to-face, and in English and is divided into 2 weeks, between May 8 and May 19, the first week being a theoretical immersion, lasting 30 hours, and the second week carrying out workshops for the development of the project.

Throughout the month of May, the PPGNS hosts four Canadian graduate students, the Taryn Hoffman, Cally Zeng, Greta Zogaj, Ashnie Badal, in addition to the professor of toronto metropolitan universityProfessor Bryan Koivisto, who will teach the course.

In addition to the PPGNS, the Graduate Program in Clinical Care in Nursing and Health (PPCCLIS) is involved in the initiative; O Graduate Program in Collective Health (PPSAC), the graduate program in computer science; the graduate program in administration; the graduate program in education; Professional Master in Health Management (MEPGES) and the Associated Innovation and Sustainability Laboratories (LAYS).

The course is free and open to the entire academic community. register here.

View the full course schedule here.

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