Rayssa Leal, Pamela Rosa and Bufoni are off the podium at the X Games

The current Olympic skate street champion, the Japanese Momiji Nishiya, won gold at the X Games, organized this Sunday in the San Diego region of California in a race with four Japanese, three Brazilians, an American and an Australian.

Momiji, 14, was very calm and aware of her routine.

Second was Australia’s Chloe Covell, 12, the youngest X Games athlete this edition of the Games, and bronze went to Japan’s Yumeka Oda, 15, on an all-teenage podium.

Maranhão skater Rayssa Leal was not very focused and made several mistakes in the first attempts, but with only one very good lap she jumped from the last positions to third place, which would guarantee her the podium, and was only passed in the final heat by a perfect line from young Australian Chloe Covell.

Rayssa, on his best trick, did tricks like the kickflip backside lipslide, crooked grinde, frontside bluntslide, heelflip frontside boardslide and backside lipslide but he would need at least one more trick with a good score to to be on the podium.

Brazilian Letícia Bufoni, 29, was the winner of last year’s edition, and came to do a line with frontside feeble grind, 360 flip, backside Smith grind, backside lip slide, crooked back, tali slide into fakie, and with that tower was temporarily placed in the top four, but was also overtaken.

Two-time Street League champion Pâmela Rosa of São Paulo was in ninth place.

The next international stage will take place next week in the state of Iowa, in the city of Des Moines, with the Dew Tour, where the Brazilian delegation will also be present.

Check out the final standings:

  1. Momiji Nishiya (JPN)
  2. Chloe Covell (Australia)
  3. Yumeka Oda (JPN)
  4. Rayssa Leal (BRA)
  5. Funa Nakayama (JPN)
  6. Aori Nishimura (JPN)
  7. Poe Pinson (USA)
  8. Leticia Bufoni (BRA)
  9. Pamela Rosa (BRA)

At the premiere of Real Street Best Trick, Yuto Horigome won

The Reel Street Best Trick contest was held on the handrail of a 10-step school staircase in Southern California, at a location that was only announced to contestants at the time of the event , without an audience and without any publicity material.

In addition to a Best Trick event, only the world’s street elite were summoned, who had 30 minutes to show off in a jam session, who hit the best tricks, crossing the handrail and descending on the asphalt of the school car park.

With names like Nyjah Huston, Braden Hoban, Dominique Walker, Blake Carpenter, Matt Berger, Yuto Horigome, Daiki Ikeda, Jamie Foy, Dashaw Jordan and Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler, the results could not be followed by the public and n ‘were published only at the end of the test.

For the judges, the gold medal went to Japanese Yuto Horigome who hit a Nollie 270 Noselide, leaving silver to American Jamie Foy who hit several “rocks” such as a frontside boardslide fakie flip and a frontside nollie hurricane, and the bronze went to Canadian Matt Berger hit a frontslide bluntslide kickflip fakie.

Real Street competition first appeared at the X Games in 2010, where competitors and videographers performed 60-second live video portions, with subsequent sound and editing.

Park’s Olympic champion is well past the scare

Anyone knowing they’ve suffered a concussion is something to be concerned about.

But much to the relief of fans, in the case of the park’s Olympic champion, 20-year-old Japanese Sakura Yosozumi, it seems it was all just a scare.

Sakura slipped in the last second of her ride in the women’s Park event yesterday at the X Games and as she fell, she hit her head on the ground twice. She was wearing a helmet.

The blow was hard and the Japanese gold medalist had to be picked up by paramedics on site and taken to hospital for examination.

On the hospital stretcher, he posted a photo with a probe in his hand, with the phrase “Everything is fine”.

Then he posted photos of his care and transport on the stretcher, but also happy photos with his friend Sky Brown (who won the competition), and when he boasted about the silver medal for second place, and a smile on his face during his interviews.

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