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The race is part of the events that will take place in Salvador this weekend — Photo: Freepik

The capital of Bahia will experience traffic changes from Friday (6) to Sunday (8) due to religious, cultural and sporting events.

The changes are taking place in the neighborhoods of Bonfim, Barra, Rio Vermelho, Comércio, Cajazeiras XI and Nazaré. Check out the details below:

👉 4TH EDITION OF SSA MAPPING 2023 – From Friday (6) to Monday (9)

Due to the 4th edition of SSA Mapping 2023, an event that includes a festival, mass, performances, shows and other visual interventions, vehicle circulation will still be prohibited from 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., Friday to Monday, at Largo do Bonfim (located between Ladeira do Bonfim and Ladeira dos Romeiros).

Access to residents or residents on the closed road will be granted upon proof of address.


Due to the march of evangelical culture on Saturday in the Fazenda Grande II district, vehicle circulation will be gradually prohibited, starting from 3 p.m., in the following ways: Rua Dr. Tripoli Francisco GaudenziPraça Regina Guimarães, Rua Fernando Caldas, Estrada do Coqueiro Grande, Rua Noel Rosa, Av. Assis Valente, Av. Eng Raimundo Carlos Nery (arrival at Campo da Pronaica).

Due to a race scheduled for Sunday, between the neighborhoods of Barra and Rio Vermelho, vehicle circulation will be prohibited, 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.on Av. Oceânica (section between Largo do Farol da Barra and Curva da Paciência), as follows:

🚫In the right lane, towards Barra, in the section between Rua Carlos Chiacchio and Rua Artur Neiva;

🚫In the right lane, towards Barra, in the section between Largo do Camarão and Rua José Sátiro de Oliveira;

🚫Right side, towards Itapuã, on the section between Rua Morro do Escravo Miguel and Rua Roschild Moreira;

🚫Av. Oceânica, towards Barra, in the section between Rua Eurycles de Matos and Travessa Bartholomeu de Gusmão.

🚫There will also be a ban on vehicle circulation, from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., on the following roads: Rua da Paciência (double lane on the right, towards Itapuã, in the section between Rua Eurycles de Matos and Largo de Santana, Rua Guedes Cabral , Rua Borges dos Reis, Praça Colombo.

Vehicles in general, traveling in the specified closed section, will have the following traffic option:

🚗Direction Rio Vermelho/Barra: Rua Eurycles de Matos, Av. Anita Garibaldi, Av. Milton Santos, Rua N, Rua Professor Sabino Silva;

🚗Direction from Ladeira da Barra/Ondina: Av. Sete de Setembro, Rua Afonso Celso, Rua Marquês de Caravelas, Rua Miguel Burnier, Largo do Chame – Chame, Av. Centenário;

🚗Coming from Av. Cardeal da Silva towards Rio Vermelho: Travessa Prudente de Moraes, Rua da Paciência (direction Ondina), Rua Eurycles de Mattos, Av. Anitta Garibaldi.

Access to residents and/or domiciled on the closed road will be granted upon proof of address.


To carry out the sound adjustment circuit and lowered cars on Sunday, in the Comércio district, there will be a ban on the circulation of vehicles, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., da França, in the section between Rua da Veneza and Rua da Norway).


Due to the first LGBT+ parade of Cajazeiras Rua Juscelino Kubitschek (Churrascaria e Pizzeria Campo Verde exit), Rua Teodolina Macêdo Campos, Rua Hildegardes Viana (arrival at the end of the Cajazeiras XI line).


Due to the Procession of the Patron Saint Nossa Senhora de Nazaré, in the Nazaré neighborhood there will be a progressive ban on vehicle circulation, starting from 5:30 a traffic lane, of the following roads:

Praça Conselheiro Almeida Couto (exit from Nossa Senhora de Nazaré Church), Rua do Limoeiro, Rua Bela Vista do Cabral, Rua do Cabral, Praça Conselheiro Almeida Couto, Av. Joana Angélica (return in front of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bahia), Praça Conselheiro Almeida Couto (arrival at the Nossa Senhora de Nazaré church).

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