Reporter Suggests Elon Musk Buys Club; know which one

Reporter suggests buying club owned by TV owner

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Credit: Elon Musk at the Qatar Cup (Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

With the current world of football invaded by SAF, there is no shortage of proposals for clubs to buy.

One of them is from journalist David Faitelson who suggests the takeover of the Mexican club Mazatlán, by none other than Elon Musk.

“Now Mexican football should convince Mr. Elon Musk to buy a club in Mexico. How about Mazatlán?” ESPN Mexican on your Twitter.

“I say that, and we end timeshare,” he concluded in the post.

Elon Musk has a fortune estimated at nearly 1,000 billion reais

Owner of Tesla, a company that produces electric cars, and Twitter, Elon Musk has a fortune valued at 187 billion dollars (972 billion R$), according to a ranking of Bloomberg.

If the idea succeeds, it would be the first adventure of the businessman born in South Africa and of Canadian nationality.

Mazatlán: the club belongs to the owner of the television

Well, Musk’s money would be useful to the club. Current bottom of the Mexican championship with four points won, Mazatlán is from the state of Sinaloa, west of the North American country. Its operations are owned by Ricardo Salinas, owner of TV Azteca, one of Mexico’s largest media groups.

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