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On Sunday afternoon June 12, two of the most talented teams faced off:

As well as having several of his athletes active in the Brazil squad when last camping, he played against Manaus FA and Atlético Mineiro late last year.

Even with several new faces, this is a team with a good amount of cliches in the various training sets used, added to the effect of facing Death Valley, as the Timbó sports complex is known, provides the ideal habitat for the team always manages to acquire additional strength on the pitch. Timboense’s last defeat at Complexo dates back to 2018, in the 4th round of the Santa Catarina team against Istepós, with the score of 10-8.

Special teams, if there is anything that can describe the distance put on the scoreboard, it was the specialist team, providing terrible field positions for Itajaí, #2 Amilcar, the team’s kicker , further clarified the reason why it was considered the CFL (Canadian American Football League), with kickoffs as long and drawn out as waiting for the Nationals to return, bought time for the returns cannot think and blockages have become difficult to maintain.

With positions on the pitch almost always putting the Admirals with their backs to their own end zone, more athletes in the box, Rex invited the opposition to test young corner duo #3 Caio Nunes and # 20 Rhuan Carvalho, who provided solid performances and continued the tradition of good defensive backs to be developed in the team.

But pressing and getting good infiltrations from the sides, the containment was done almost surgically, defensively Timbó managed to take time from the pocket and stop the powerful opponent’s running game, which provided even more time and good offensive opportunities.

Jurassic offenses are led by two quarterbacks, No.9 Romário and No.7 Bassani share 2 quarterbacks each, while the 9 knot jersey refers to a strong arm and quick throws, No.7 delivers his experience in saving time in the pocket to find targets or even winning yards with their own legs, added to another good performance from the offensive line, to the fast receivers who made the idea of ​​man marking a risk, even more spaces have been created for the racing game.

A team made up of several former Gaspar Black Hawks athletes, they made their BFA debut in an unappealing fashion but let’s talk about it:

Despite the elastic scoreline, the Admirals had a performance where it was made clear that there are good points and others just to fit in, especially when it comes to the setting of the athletes themselves on the pitch.

The armada managed to make considerable runs, mainly in the middle of the offensive line, qb #9 Carraco and #26 Guilherme Morello proved to be two tough athletes to beat and the line shows the way to be explored in the next matches.

Despite the number of points awarded to the defense cleared by DB / LB of Selection #2 Guga Goebert, had good moments, such as the stops on the goal line in the last quarter, in general there were a lot of discipline on the part of the Itajaí team, but it was precisely the lack of harmony between the athletes or exploited by the hosts, a point that certainly develops naturally during the championship.

Highlights of the game:

The full game:

In general, the match was much better and more competitive than the scoreboard can show, in addition to providing considerable rotation among athletes on both teams.

For the second week of the BFA:

Almirantes will play their first home game on June 25 at 3:00 p.m., against Jaraguá Breaker;

While Rex plays on July 16 at 2:30 p.m., in São José against Istepós.

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