Rezz and Grabbitz release “Signal”

Today, Canadian bass music legend and HypnoVizion label boss Rezz and rocktronic artist Grabbitz reunite for their second collaborative single “Signal.” The latest in a string of gothic-inspired releases from the producer/DJ, ‘Signal’ is the second single from Rezz’s forthcoming EP, IT’S NOT A PHASE, due out this summer.

The long-awaited sequel to “Someone Else,” his 2020 hit that hit #1 and #10 on Canadian and US alternative radio charts and amassed over 40 million streams on Spotify, “Signal” is a seamless amalgamation of shared electronic music. music by Rezz and Grabbitz. find rock trends. Done with emotional angst and grungy tones, “Signal” embodies their punk aesthetic in sonic, lyrical form. Instantly captivating with its daring originality, “Signal” swells with Rezz’s dynamic builds and haunting mid-tempo dips as Grabbitz weaves a tale of torment as he sings “I Still Await Your Sign.”

Embracing the distinct elements of rock and electronica, “Signal” reinforces the nostalgic references and cross-genre impulses present in Rezz’s upcoming EP, IT’S NOT A PHASE. “Signal” continues Rezz’s mission to bridge the gap between rock and bass, a sound that draws inspiration from the punk bands of her teenage years and the modern electronic influences that define her sonically.

Regarding the track, Rezz said, “This second collaboration with Grabbitz has confirmed that we need to make MUCH more music together. It’s the perfect blend of punk and mid-tempo and I couldn’t be happier. I think Day one fans will appreciate this, as will new punk fans!

Grabbitz added, “It’s hard to top the feeling that ‘Someone Else’ gives, but I speak for both of us saying I mean it.”

Isabelle Rezazadeh aka Rezz made her massive debut in 2015 on the Skrillex OWSLA label and has since racked up tens and millions of streams, sold out legendary venues and headlined the world’s top festivals. Its sound is brimming with originality, balancing heavy bass and minimalist technological production. In recent years, she’s appeared on the cover of Billboard, won the JUNO for Electronic Album of the Year for her EP Beyond the Senses, and in 2022 launched her own label HypnoVizion.

His forthcoming EP explores Rezz’s darker roots, embracing dark, edgy sounds reminiscent of his deep-rooted love for punk and emo rock. “Signal” is the second single from Rezz’s upcoming Gothic-themed EP, IT’S NOT A PHASE.

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