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the weekend of Roger Waters It was exciting, you know?! After giving two shows at Scotiabank Arena, Canada, early July, the formerpink floyd made a point of showing his annoyance because his presentations did not give reviews in the Canadian newspaper “The Globe and Mail”. Unlike the media provided to The weekend and Duck. For this reason, the legendary bassist criticized the two Canadian artists and expressed his opinion on how he is “Much, much, much more important than any of them will ever be.”


According to reports from “Sound Consequence”in the shows that took place in Toronto between July 8 and July 9, 2022, no Canadian newspaper analyzed the submissions. to what Waters asked the Brad Wheelerreport for “The Globe and Mail », on the contempt received. The journalist explained that The weekend is a much more popular artist these days.

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“I have no idea what or who the Weeknd is because I don’t listen to a lot of music,” the iconic musician replied. “People have told me how awesome he is. Well, good luck to him. I have nothing against him. Wouldn’t it be possible to analyze his show one night and mine the other night ? “, he added.

So, Waters clarified: “I’m not trying to make a personal attack. I’m just saying how weird it looked. And by the way, with all due respect to the Weeknd or Drake or any of them, I’m much, much, much more important than any of them will ever be, no matter the number of billions of audience they have.“. False, it is not!

Ellen Jabour receives criticism after complaining about politics on Roger Waters’ show

The model and presenter Ellen Jabour became the target of criticism on social media after complaining about a concert by Waters regretting that he addresses political issues in his presentations.

Ellen Jabour slammed for complaining about politicization in Roger Waters’ sho | Photo: Instagram (@ellenjabour)

“I don’t like shows that talk about politics. They turn a supposedly unifying moment into segregation. The atmosphere becomes terrible, because people think differently from each other and start to find each other strange, even to attack each other! I experienced that at the Roger Waters concert and it was woo”, tweeted Ellen Jabour.

fans of Roger Waters responded to the model’s criticism in a very ironic tone:

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