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Grupo São Lucas de Ribeirão Preto and Hospital Care inaugurate the maternity ward of Ribeirania Hospital in May. The Service has excellent facilities to make the childbirth experience unique. The team is specialized and trained to offer total security and a humanized service.

Many things need to be planned for when a baby arrives. For everything to go well at the time of childbirth, the choice of motherhood must be made with care and affection. Indeed, the types of childbirth and the first moments – such as the first breastfeeding and the contact between mother and baby – are very important.

“To support pregnant women at this important moment, Ribeirania Maternity will have a humanized medical team, obstetric nurses and 24-hour gynecological emergency care with prepared professionals. In addition to gynecology and obstetrics, the maternity ward will provide 24-hour pediatric care with a high-resolution team of experienced pediatricians,” says Dr. Pedro Palocci, president of the São Lucas Group.

“In order to encourage natural childbirth, PPP rooms have been developed, which have everything the mother needs at the time of childbirth. Thus, the pregnant woman has access to the Swiss ball, the stretching bar, the pelvic balance, the birthing stool, etc. All of this was done with a view to humanization, which is a priority for maternity,” underlines Felippe Messias, director of the São Lucas Ribeirania hospital.

PPP maternity. — Photo: Douglas Intrabartolo.

The PPP rooms – Prepartum, Childbirth and Postpartum – are equipped to receive and accompany the parturient during these three stages, with all the equipment to support labor, with space for ambulation, and accompanied by family and health , in addition to maternal monitoring and fetal monitoring. PPP rooms provide a comfortable and humanized space, preventing the pregnant woman from being transferred from areas during the birthing process and being able to relax to experience childbirth with more comfort, security and tranquility.

The Maternity provides three rooms in PPP, as well as seven new apartments to ensure the well-being of the mother and her baby. The cohabitation model allows them not to separate at any time.

The Service also has a neonatal ICU with ten beds, fully equipped and coordinated by the same medical team as the pediatric ICU in São Lucas. The neonatal ICU will be prepared for babies who need assistance at birth, as well as premature babies transferred from other services in the city and region.

NICU Maternity. — Photo: Douglas Intrabartolo.

The maternity ward offers classes for pregnant women and special work to encourage breastfeeding. Mothers will have the opportunity to have a breastfeeding consultation.

“Childbirth is one of the most special times in a woman’s life, but in many cases it can also be one of the most stressful.”

Seeking to make this unforgettable experience more positive and to offer even better assistance to the pregnant woman and the baby, Grupo São Lucas has created this new service for Ribeirão Preto and its region, concludes Dr. Davidson Alvarenga, maternity coordinator.

Maternity aisle. — Photo: Douglas Intrabartolo.

During its 53 years of existence, São Lucas Hospital has never stopped evolving and has become a reference for the use of modern equipment and advanced clinical methods of high precision care and for obtaining national and international certifications, such as ONA III and the Canadian Qmentum international certification. . .

By integrating the holding company Hospital Care, in 2017, Grupo São Lucas became a comprehensive network of health units consisting of São Lucas Hospital, São Lucas Ribeirania Hospital, São Lucas Especializado Hospital, São Lucas Medicina Diagnóstica and São Lucas Centro Médico, serving various medical services. specialties.

Hospital Care is a holding company that manages health services which currently has more than 45 business units. Created in 2017, it is the first company in Brazil to work with a management model based on ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) in the United States, organizations responsible for care and risk sharing with operators. This integrated health management model aims to promote a balance of interests between patients, physicians, payers, partners and shareholders.

Belonging to the manager Crescera and the funds Santa Maria and Abaporu, the operational strategy of Hospital Care is to be present in cities that function as regional centers of population health management, such as Campinas, Ribeirão Preto, Florianópolis , Curitiba, São José do Rio Preto, Sorocaba and Cascavel, strengthening the entire health system of the country.

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