Shania Twain Visits Anitta Show in Switzerland, Praises Singer: ‘She’s Amazing’ | Song

Shania Twain has raved about singer Anitta after following the Brazilian’s performance in Montreux, Switzerland.

“Guys. I met Anitta! She is amazing and I loved her show. This is the tweet”, wrote the Canadian singer, in the morning of this Tuesday (5), reproducing the message in which Anitta evoked the meeting between them.

“Guys…Shania Twain asked to come to my show here in Switzerland. She danced to all the songs and came to my dressing room to take a picture. This is the tweet. End. Fimmmmmmmmm,” wrote Anita.

Shania also made a second post about the encounter, including a photo with the Brazilian singer. “I’m so happy to have met Anitta and to have seen her amazing show. Fun and brave energy. She showed so much love and I send it back. From Brazil to the world. I love Brazil and the incredible fans there.”

Shania Twain visits Anitta’s show in Switzerland and praises the singer — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

On Instagram, the Brazilian, who is on a European tour, showed some images of the meeting in the locker room. And also shared a brief moment of Shania after the stage performance.

“You know, you’ve spent your life listening to the person and all of a sudden they’re asking to go to your show, and all of a sudden they’re there dancing?” Anitta commented.

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