Skies will turn blue again: Smoke from Canada’s wildfires clears across continent

The cloud of smoke from the fires in Canada is expected to dissipate over the mainland in the next 24 hours, remaining on the archipelagos until Saturday, but with favorable atmospheric conditions to dissipate in the following days, the IPMA updated. .

According to forecasts of Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), the cloud should “dissipate completely” on the mainland in the next 24 hours, remaining on the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira until July 1, informs the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere ( IPMA).

“Over the next few days, the atmospheric conditions should be favorable for the dissipation of the cloud throughout the national territory”, it specifies on its website.

The institute explains that the cloud of smoke, which covered the entire continent on Tuesday, is dissipating, currently affecting Spain, Great Britain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The cloud of smoke, on the other hand, intensified over the Azores and Madeira region, as expected and reported on Tuesday by the IPMAbased on forecasts from the CAMS service (Copernicus program) which indicated an intensification, especially in the southern region of mainland Portugal, and in the Azores region today.

In this information, the IPMA pointed out that the cloud of smoke remained at altitude (above 1000 m).

The same day, the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) released an update on particulate levels in mainland Portugal and the Azores, advising on Tuesday that they did not yet show the influence, on the surface, of the cloud of smoke from the fires in Canada.

According to the APA, particulate levels measured against air quality index classes remained at “good” and “very good” levels in mainland Portugal and the Azores.

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