Spain dominates Canada, debuts by winning the U17 World Cup

Spain exercised its favoritism against Canada at the start of the U17 World Cup, and beat his opponent with a score of 2 to 0. The score was built during a Group B duel played at the Manaham Stadium, in Surakarta, Indonesia. Note that in addition to these members, the group includes Mali and Uzbekistan, teams which also played this Friday (9) where, in short, the Malians won 3-0.

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Botafogo fans clash after defeat

Relying on passing exchanges and great offensive mobility, Spain dominated the actions and constantly sought to involve the Canadian defensive system in search of opening the score. And, in the 20th minute, the creative volume was rewarded by Pablo López who gave the opportunity, on the left side, to cross freely. At the back post, center forward Marc Guiu tested hard, into Nathaniel Abraham’s left corner, filling the net.

The situation, already difficult for Canadians, got even worse at 37 years old. As Alessandro Biello stepped on Pau Prim’s foot after a foul, the VAR booth called Peruvian referee Roberto Pérez with the intention of advising him to review the decision. The owner of the whistle agreed with the direct assessment of the red card and thus left Canada with one less player.

He insisted and got

The control of the actions that already belonged to the Spanish team became even more latent with their numerical superiority. Including the right to decisive actions of Abraham and the crossbar to momentarily avoid a more dilated result. However, only momentarily.

Indeed, in the 31st minute of the second half, after an excellent offensive play, Marc Guiu made a perfect play where Quim Junyent invaded the penalty area and played with skill, with his left foot, taking it to Nathaniel Abraham. 2-0, final score.

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