Stealing is an art: plot and ending explained

Flying is an art is a film filled with intrigue, betrayal and thrilling twists. Released in 2013 and directed by Jonathan Sobol, the film tells the story of Crunch Calhoun, a retired art thief who becomes embroiled in a high-stakes heist with his half-brother Nicky. In this article, we are going to explore the plot of the movie and explain the surprising ending that intrigued the viewers.

Stealing a plot is an art

The plot unfolds when Crunch Calhoun is sentenced to seven years in a Polish prison, thanks to a betrayal by his own brother, Nicky. Through flashback, we learn that the heist they pulled off together went awry, resulting in Nicky’s capture and Crunch’s subsequent betrayal. After his release, Crunch leads a quiet life as a motorcyclist, alongside his girlfriend Lola and Francie, a young apprentice. Meanwhile, Nicky steals a valuable painting by Georges Seurat with the help of a partner he ends up cheating on. The partner threatens Crunch for information on Nicky’s whereabouts.

Later, Crunch reveals to his former colleague, “Uncle” Paddy, that he is ready to return to work. Paddy explains that they must steal a priceless historical book from a bonded warehouse in Canada and deliver it through the buyer in Detroit, receiving over $1 million in payment. Crunch agrees to participate in the plan. To pull off the heist, Crunch recruits Guy de Cornet, a forgery expert, who creates an exact replica of the book. Crunch takes the counterfeit through the Canadian border crossing hidden inside a work of art. Meanwhile, Cornet replaces the real book with the fake, hiding the real in Crunch’s work.

Explanation of the end of the film

After the Canadian Border Patrol clears Crunch’s name, he retrieves his artwork containing the historical book. The team is ready to deliver the book to the buyer when Nicky suggests that Crunch create multiple forgeries of the book to sell to multiple buyers and increase their profits.

However, Cornet reveals that creating quality counterfeits would require $750,000. Each team member names an amount they could contribute, and Crunch agrees to fund the remaining amount. They agree to stay away until the necessary time has passed to complete the transaction. Meanwhile, Nicky secretly plans to create her own cheaper knockoffs and sell them to the same buyers, betraying her team. When Nicky tries to contact the buyers, he discovers that they have no business knowledge.

Meanwhile, Crunch explains to Francie the alternate plan he and Nicky had hatched. The real purpose of the theft was to get Georges Seurat’s painting from Nicky and make a lot of money with the counterfeits. Interpol receives anonymous information about Nicky’s whereabouts and the painting he stole from his partner. The ending reveals Samuel Winters, a former colleague of Crunch who had been paired with the Interpol agent since the plan began.


“The Art of the Steal” offers an exciting plot filled with twists and betrayals. The film keeps viewers intrigued from start to explained ending, revealing startling details about the characters and their true intentions. With a talented cast and a gripping storyline, the film is sure to provide a thrilling cinematic experience for fans of heists and action movies.

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