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Lance Stroll gained 1 point (Photo: Aston Martin)

Lance Stroll gained 1 point (Photo: Aston Martin)

Spear Stroll had fun during sprint race of Azerbaijan GP this Saturday morning (29) — where he finished eighth, adding 1 point to the championship. The Canadian approved the new format adopted by Formula 1. According to the pilot Aston Martintwo classifications and two points races oblige the pilots to relentlessly on the track, offering more entertainment to the public.

Like that Fernando Alonso, Stroll did not have in Baku the good performance shown in the first three races of the year. Thus, crossing the finish line in eighth place, the Canadian described the result as “moist”, but repeated that he had fun in the race.

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Lance Stroll sought 1 point beaten in Baku (Photo: Aston Martin)

“I enjoyed the battle with Alex [Albon] and, after following him for a few laps, I was happy to do the maneuver in Turn 1. It was a sweaty place. “But I liked the new format today. Every time we hit the track, there’s something to fight for. It keeps us on our toes and I think it’s also exciting for the fans,” Stroll admitted.

Aston Martin has been suffering from opening DRS failures since Friday, costing its drivers some precious tenths. Contrary to what happened to Alonso, Lance seemed to no longer have to deal with the faulty device in the short race and celebrated the team’s efficiency in fixing the problem.

“We had some DRS issues in sprint qualifying but luckily it seemed to work for the race which was important as overtaking is a big challenge at this circuit.

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