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Lance Stroll is having a complicated season in Formula 1 in 2022, and the lack of adaptation to the class’s new car took its toll on the Canadian – who struggled to overcome Aston Martin’s own team-mate Sebastian Vettel. And Lawrence Stroll’s son admitted what the problem was: he’s still not confident inside the AMR22, one of the most unpredictable cars in the world. F1 at the beginning of the year.

“We’re still learning, but I feel like for me, I want to get to a more comfortable place with the car,” Stroll explained. “I always feel like I don’t have full confidence in the car, I feel very precise and predictable in the car,” he said.

Stroll commented that his performance in previous years was superior to that of 2022 precisely because of the adaptation to the car. Frustrated by the results below expectations this year, the Canadian prefers to focus on continuing to work with the team so that confidence in the Aston Martin single-seater comes naturally.

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Stroll has scored three points so far in 2022: he finished tenth in Imola, Miami and Canada (Photo: Aston Martin)

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“I think I still have to keep working to get back to where I was last year or the year before that,” he said. “When it was just more predictable and more comfortable. And right now walking is a bit difficult for me. I have to keep working with my engineers to try and fix that.

Asked if the problem was the configuration of the AMR22, Stroll could not answer. The driver even considered that the set-up could have some influence on his difficulty, but criticized the stiffness of the new cars as one of the main adaptation problems.

“I think that’s the hallmark of the car,” he replied to Autosport. “They are very strict, and maybe the setup. I don’t drive other people’s cars, so I don’t know. But we have to keep working and understanding, because it’s definitely more difficult this year than the last few years to just be well placed and at a good pace, that sort of thing.”

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