Tehran protests against the cancellation of the Canada-Iran match: “Unfortunate political decision”

The cancellation of the challenge was due to the controversy over the downing of a commercial plane in January 2020, in which more than 50 Canadian citizens were following, through an Iranian missile.

The cancellation of the private agreement between Canada and Iran, at the initiative of Canada, caused a sensation in Tehran. The Middle Eastern country’s government viewed the decision, in protest, as “regrettable” and “political” and a complaint will be lodged with FIFA.

Kazem Gharibabadi, deputy head of Iran’s judiciary and secretary of the national human rights council, quoted L’Equipe newspaper as saying that it was “regrettable that the so-called land of freedom [América] not keep politics off the pitch”.

In turn, Mohammad Jamaat, spokesperson for the Iranian Federation, revealed in an interview with a television channel in the country that the entity “will file a complaint with FIFA” regarding the cancellation of the private match. between Canada, for which Porto midfielder Stephen Eustáquio, and Iran, in which fellow striker Mehdi Taremi plays.

The cancellation of the challenge, originally scheduled for June 5, arose following a controversy over the downing of a commercial plane on January 8, 2020, in which more than 50 Canadian citizens, among 176 people, followed , went to Tehran. , through the use of a surface-to-air missile launched by Iranian military forces.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, while he “forced” the cancellation of the match by stressing, in statements to the station “CTV News”, that “it was not a very good idea to invite the ‘Iranian national football team coming to Canada to play’ a particular.

For the Canadian federal government, the country’s priority “is to seek answers, bring justice, hold Iran accountable and obtain reparations, while providing the families and loved ones of the victims with the support they need. “for more than two years.

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