The Chamber approves an agreement between Brazil and Canada on air transport – News

Elaine Menke/House of Representatives

Eduardo Cury, rapporteur of the text

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Monday (7) the cooperation agreement on air services signed between Brazil and Canada (PDL 1100/21). The proposal will be forwarded to the Senate.

Signed in 2011, the agreement is similar to others signed by Brazil based on the “open skies policy”, in which two nations relax rules for commercial flights between them.

The text determines that neither country can unilaterally limit the volume of traffic, the frequency, the number of destinations or the regularity of the service of the other party, except when required for reasons of a customs nature and other services. government controls; or for technical or operational reasons, under uniform conditions in accordance with the Convention on International Civil Aviation of 1944, to which both countries are signatories.

The other points of the agreement are as follows:

– the airlines of each country will have the right to fly over the territory of the other party without landing there; make stopovers in the territory of the other party for non-traffic purposes; and stopping at airports to embark and disembark passengers and baggage;

– each country will designate in writing to the other party the airlines to operate the agreed services. Authorization may be revoked in specific situations, such as failures in regulatory control of the airline;

– neither party will favor its own airlines over the airlines of the other party;

– each country may request consultations on the operational safety standards applied by the counterpart in aspects related to aviation facilities, flight crews, aircraft and aircraft operations.

– aircraft can be inspected;

– each country, on the basis of reciprocity, shall exempt the airlines of the other party providing international services from all duties and taxes on fuel, parts, engines and equipment in normal use. On-board supplies will also be exempt.

The final draft of the agreement was signed by the rapporteur of the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Commission (CCJ), MP Eduardo Cury (PSDB-SP).

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