The City Council of Cuiabá reimburses the debt presented by Intervention in Health and amounts to 212 million reais | Mato Grosso

Plaza Alencastro in front of the town hall of Cuiabá — Photo: Luiz Alves/ Secom Cuiabá

The city of Cuiabá countered the debt presented by the State Government Intervention Office in the health of the capital and pointed out that in fact the amount is R$212.9 million, not R$356 million. In addition, the administration also showed that the State had not transferred the resources necessary to maintain public health services and asked the Court of Justice of Mato Grosso (TJMT) not to approve the ministry’s request. public for the return of the intervention.

The manifestation of the city of Cuiabá was made to the TJMT on Monday (16), through the office of the Attorney General of the municipality.

In the request, the administration shows in detail that the municipal health department has a financial liability of 95.3 million reais, and the public health company Cuiabana, responsible for the outsourced service, has 117.6 million reais. Therefore, the municipality’s deficit in the sector corresponds to R$212.9 million.

No transfer and no intervention

The prefecture also pointed out that the state government had not passed on the resources needed to pay for public health services. This happened from March 2020 to February 2022.

The Municipality therefore alone bore the costs of R$66,857,557.13 to keep the beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Municipal Hospital of Cuiabá (HMC) in operation. These resources, according to the town hall, should have been transferred by the state government to the administration of the capital.

As a result, intensive care expenses for patient care from 140 municipalities were borne by the town hall and not by the state government.

In the same demonstration at the TJMT, the municipal administration asked the court not to approve the public prosecutor’s request to resume the intervention at the municipal health secretariat due to the alleged non-compliance with court decisions.

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