The City Hall of Nova Lima (MG) plans an avenue to connect the historic center with the Jardim Canada neighborhood – News

The mayor details the mobility projects
Lucas Eugênio / Record TV Minas

The town hall of Nova Lima, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, plans the construction of an avenue to connect the historic center of the city to the Jardim Canada district. Mayor João Marcelo Dieguez detailed the project during his participation in the council MGR in politicsthis Thursday (13).

“Today the people of Nova Lima have to go through Belo Horizonte to reach Jardim Canada. They cross the region with strangled traffic in Belvedere and Vila da Serra. With this 25 km highway we will have a direct connection”, said he pointed out. on the so-called Avenida de Integração Rio de Peixe.

The proposal, according to Dieguez, is in the executive draft development phase. No date has yet been set for the work. The mayor, however, added that two other traffic interventions should be completed by 2024. These are: Avenida de Integração Jardim da Torre, which appears as an alternative to the MG-030 for access to Belo Horizonte , and works on the road that connects Nova Lima to Sabará, which will facilitate access to the eastern region of the capital of Minas Gerais.

In May of this year, the Record Minas TV published an exclusive survey evaluating public services in Nova Lima. The survey carried out by the Realtime Big Institute highlighted that, from the point of view of the inhabitants, traffic is the main problem of the commune. The survey is part of the Cidade a Cidade project, which carried out an X-ray of public service in 10 cities of Greater Belo Horizonte and Divinópolis.

During his participation in the MGR in politics, João Marcelo Dieguez also commented on projects aimed at education and works to contain the floods. Watch the full below:

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