The giant hole that emerged in Chile and attracts the attention of the population

After a giant hole appears in a mining area, local authorities decide to close the area

After the appearance of a mysterious hole about 25 meters in diameter in the Atacama Desert, in a mining area in northern Chile, the National Geology and Mining Service (Sernageomin) sent teams of experts to investigate the possible reasons for the appearance of the hole on Monday. (1st).

The expert team said they became aware of the incident on Saturday July 30 and dispatched an expert team to the area.

More information about the hole area

In a statement released by the agency’s director, David Montenegrohe claims that the hole has a distance of almost 200 meters to the bottom and that no material has been detected there.

The copper mine is 665 kilometers from the capital of Chile. The Canadian company Lundin Mining LUN.TO owns 80% of the land, the remaining 20% ​​belongs to the Japanese company Sumitomo Corporation.

Although there is no conclusive study, some people have started speculating on social media that the crater emerged as a result of mining activities in the area. By a statement, Cristobal Zunigapresident of the municipality of Tierra Amarilla, defended the thesis that the hole was the result of unconscious and unregulated extractive activities.

“As a municipality, we will take all reasonable steps to protect and keep our community informed of this disturbing event,” said the Zuniga.

Sernageomin announced the closure of areas from the entrance to the construction site of the Alcaparrosa mine, located near the hole.

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