The Hipismo Brasil 2020/2021 award recognizes outstanding athletes

This Saturday (21), in the most important dressage competition in France, the CDIO5* of Compiègne, João Victor Marcari Oliva, on Escorial Horsecampline, registered his 10th index towards the World Championship, which takes place in August, in Herning , in Denmark.

In a dispute that brought together 32 sets, among the best in the world from 14 countries, João Victor Oliva and Escorial Horsecampline were the only representatives of Brazil in the Dressage/International Dressage Contest, a 5-star category competition, the highest level of the modality .

Until 2021, the Olympic knight had already participated in the competition, but in the 3-star category. In the Grand Prix, the duo recorded 71.978% of the final average, placing 7th in the final standings.

The five 5* judges from the FEI – Fédération Équestre Internationale awarded group marks above 71%: Mariette Sanders-van Gansewinkel, from the Netherlands (74.348%), Briton Peter Storr (71.522%), Elke Ebert, of Germany, and Raphael Saleh of France gave the same score, 71.739%, and Denmark’s Susanne Baarup, 70.543%.

Young British Olympic medalist Charlotte Fry won the Grand Prix with Glamourdale (79.435%). And in second place, the most awarded Olympic rider, the German Isabell Weth, with DSP Quantz (76.870%).

Grand Prix Freestyle

On Sunday (22), during the 5-star Freestyle Grand Prix, the Brazilian achieved a final average of 74.125%, securing 6th place. This is a competition with free choreography and music, which brought together in France the 14 best ensembles (horse/rider) from different countries, including world tops and Olympic medalists.

The evaluation of João Victor Oliva and his horse made by the Freestyle jury was even better than in the GP: Susanne Baarup, from Denmark, gave the pair 74.600%, the Frenchman Raphael Saleh 74.575%, the German Elke Ebert 74.200 %, Magnus Ringmark, from Luxembourg 73.750%, and the Dutch Mariette Sanders-van Gansewinkel, 73.500%.

For the rider, the rigor of the event, the high level of the competitors and a demanding jury, all made up of 5* judges, “show that the relationship with Escorial is improving day by day”.

About João Victor Oliva and Escorial Horsecampline

Military athlete, Sgtº Oliva, the 26-year-old Brazilian equestrian dressage rider, based in Portugal, João Victor Oliva has been riding the Puro Sangue Lusitano Escorial Horsecampline since September 2020, with the aim of representing Brazil at the Tokyo Games. The goal was achieved and the duo recorded the best result in Brazil at the Olympics.

The next objective to be achieved is to join the Brazilian team in the World Dressage Championships which will take place from August 6 to 10 in Herning, Denmark. The selection process established by the FEI started on January 1, 2021 and runs until July 4, 2021.

And to apply for a vacant position in the Brazilian team, the candidate must achieve the minimum of two indices with a 66% final average mark. These scores must be awarded by at least one FEI 5* judge. Proof also counts, since valid clues must be obtained in a Grand Prix, in at least two international competitions above 3 stars.

João Victor Oliva and Escorial Horsecampline have already reached ten indices. In the pre-Olympic phase, at the CDI3* in Abrantes, Portugal (69.130% and with three FEI5* judges); at the CDI3* in Compiègne, France (70.130% and with three FEI5* judges). The Tokyo Olympics also counted (70.419% and with the seven FEI5* judges).

After the Olympics, the duo returned to record highs. First at the CDI3* in Hagen, Germany (70.043% and with two FEI5* judges). Then at the CDI4* in Aix-la-Chapelle, also in Germany (71.696% and with four FEI5* judges).

They then traveled to the CDI5* in Doha, Qatar (70.065% and four FEI5* judges) and the CDI3* in Jerez de La Frontera, Spain, where they won three of the four races they entered. In the latter, João and Escorial recorded 72.696% and 74%, a Brazilian record, in two Grand Prix, and with the five judges who acted in the event.

The Brazil team in training

In addition to João Victor Oliva with Escorial Horsecampline, two other teams have already qualified to join Brazil’s dressage team for the world championship. Pedro Tavares de Almeida is in the fight, with Famous do Vouga adding six clues. And also Nuno Chaves de Almeida, with Feel Good VO, two clues.

The objective of CBH – Confederação Brasileira de Equestria is to select the sets with the highest percentages (isolated results per event), with the exception of the Grand Prix Freestyle replays and the Grand Prix Special. taking into account the condition of the animal.

This evaluation must be done as close as possible to the World Cup. Thus, CBH has defined a period – between April 27 and July 3 – to observe and then select the sets that will integrate the team.

About the dressage world

The ECCO FEI World Championships will replace the World Equestrian Games which, between 1990 and 2018, brought together the peaks of the eight disciplines governed by the FEI every four years. The dressage matches will take place August 6-10 at the Stutteri Ask Stadium in Herning, Denmark.

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