The Mayor meets with the Environmental Council to continue promoting the Regional Pact for La Cañada

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The mayor of Rivas, Aída Castillejo, and the councilor for Environment, Agriculture and Interior of the Community of Madrid, Carlos Novillo, held a meeting today focused on the continued promotion of the Regional Pact for Real Canada. This pact was signed in 2017 and involves both the Spanish government and the Community of Madrid and the municipalities of Madrid, Coslada and Rivas Vaciamadrid, for those who speak to Cañada Real. Your cabinet represented the success and unanimity of all administrations and political forces in the search for solutions for Canada.

In this sense, the meeting is part of a series of meetings that have been requested at the Rivas Town Hall with the different political representatives regarding the situation of the Pact and the objectives of its implementation throughout the legislature. Alongside the mayor and the municipal council, the meeting was attended by those mandated for La Cañada Real by the Town Hall and the Community, Pedro del Cura and Ignacio Sánchez Segura, as well as the vice-councilman Rafael García González.

The two administrations share the importance of relaunching the political initiative on the Pact, provided that it benefits from the loyalty and unanimity of all parties involved. Castillejo proposed the establishment of a shared road map that clarifies the achievements of this legislature to ensure their compliance.

Among other objectives, the mayor of Rivas, who thanked the participation of the most responsible people of the Community of Madrid in the meeting, proposed to resume the necessary agreements to guarantee a stable route that resolves “the problems of Cañada, which follow being the greatest core of social exclusion in the country. It also highlighted the need for a direct line between the council and the authorities, as well as constant collaboration between the commissioners.

Finally, from the Ayuntamiento de Rivas, it was proposed to organize joint trips between the administrations that are part of the Pact for the Real Country to share progress, publicize the work in progress and generate synergies between the different actors with involvement in Canada.

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