the motorcycle “connected” to the brain is driven by thoughts

Designer Anton Brousseau has created a curious illustration project that mixes science fiction and motorcycles. He looks into the – seemingly distant – future with his concept Motorbike Sapien – a motorcycle that is controlled directly connected to the brain.

The motorcycle “connected” to the brain

The Moto Sapien concept is a future vision of a much closer link between man and machine that we have seen before. The originator of this idea that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie is Canadian Brousseau, a professional designer who worked for four years at the Kiska studio in Austria, where they are designed. future models from KTM and Husqvarna.

Brain-connected Moto Sapien is a scaled dream of the future

Today autonomous, he continues in Europe to create new designs and to show his future visions on the universe of two wheels. But since the designer is also interested in anatomy, biomechanics and networkshis latest creation merged all of these themes into one.

More than that, he translated his specific interpretations about motorcycles and the future. The creation sketched in the illustrations was Moto Sapiens. Yes, a name derived from Homo Sapiens. This is because the idea essentially it’s a direct connection between the human brain and a motorcycle’s on-board computer.

Imagine riding a motorcycle with immediate control response in milliseconds

how would everything work

Of course, all this imagined for Moto Sapien would include artificial intelligence, at a level which, however, has not yet been created. But in Brousseau’s imagination, it may be nothing less than a close bond between man and machine – combined with artificial muscles that can be used variable frame components. Confused about it all? Brousseau explains how he came up with such bold ideas:

Deviations in information processing slow us down. Everything happens indirectly, through the eyes and ears, as well as through human motor skills. Imagine that we can drive the motorcycle directlyin milliseconds, with our thoughts. Also, imagine if we could feel the tires as well as possible with the touch of our fingers..”

See as well :

Some of these technologies already exist!

The brain-connected motorcycle still seems quite a long way off today, but is part of the “Neuralink” interface technology described by the designer is now available now. They are, for example, in medical for prostheses or for voice control. Artificial muscles have been produced for a long time, and it seems that development will continue.

connected motorcycle that reads thoughts

In the future, will it be possible to feel tire grip with the sensitivity of a finger touching the asphalt? Designer answers yes!

Meanwhile, on a motorcycle, cameras the front and back already play the role of the human eye. All from systems radar and power stations that control speed and even other functions aimed at driving safety.According to Brousseau, 2050 could be the right time for Moto Sapien. Last but not least, if the bike ever comes to fruition, the designer has already scaled a electric motor of 375 volts (136 hp) and a range of up to 450 kilometres. We look forward to seeing the model in the future!

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