The Offspring’s car catches fire in Canada | Rock at Rio 2022

The Offspring’s car catches fire in Canada

Part of The Offspring team had a scare last Friday (5). According to a statement posted on the group’s social media, the vehicle they were in caught fire while traveling through Canada.

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The incident took place after the band’s performance in Sherbrooke, Quebec, site of the band’s first of three shows scheduled in the country.

“As we were driving through Canada yesterday, something flew out of a vehicle in front of us and got trapped under one of our SUVs, on fire. Everyone got out safe and sound, but their luggage , passports, laptops and almost everything else was destroyed.”

Offspring car catches fire in Canada – Photo: Playback/Instagram

personal effects on fire

Photos released by the production show that the vehicle was completely destroyed.

Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman, guitarist for the band, also opened up about the incident and shared a video in which the car appears in flames in the middle of the road.

“No one was injured. Everyone got out of the vehicle unscathed. Unfortunately, around half of our crew lost their belongings in the fire, including luggage, computers and passports. But it could have been much worse,” Noodles wrote.

“The group and I are grateful and relieved that everyone involved is safe. No one knows exactly what started the fire yet, but something big and heavy hit the SUV, possibly a hitch of trailer loosened, and within seconds the vehicle burst into flames.”

In the text, the guitarist always claims that the team did not even have time to get the car off the highway and stop on the side of the road.

“Our entire team works hard to make sure we look our best when we go on stage. Their journeys and workdays are always longer and harder than ours, and we can’t thank them enough for all they do. watching them have to go through something like this is heartbreaking and scary. I’m so glad they’re all okay.

Offspring car catches fire in Canada – Photo: Playback/Instagram

Offspring at Rock in Rio 2022

The Offspring are coming to Brazil in September to perform at Rock in Rio 2022. The band hit the world stage on September 8 (Thursday), the same date that Guns N’ Roses, Måneskin and CPM 22 also perform.

The Offspring during a presentation in Sherbrooke, before the incident — Photo: Playback/Instagram

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