The Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities makes his first visit to Portuguese communities and Portuguese descendants in Canada – XXIII Government

The Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities (SECP), Paulo Cafôfo, is making his first trip to the Portuguese communities and those of Portuguese origin in Canada, with approximately 167,000 Portuguese registered at the consulate, present in Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto.

The visit, which takes place between 8 and 15 May, includes contacts with local authorities as well as meetings with associative organizations and members of the Portuguese community, paying tribute to certain representatives of the community and distinguishing certain institutions, whose work has been highlighted. .

The program in Canada also includes commemorations of the 70th anniversary of contemporary Portuguese immigration to Canada, planned meetings with businessmen from the diaspora, students and teachers of the Portuguese language, with Portuguese diplomatic and consular representatives .

The work program also includes the delivery of the libraries of the Reading Incentive Plan (PIL) and the delivery of the tablets of the Program for the Digitization of Portuguese Teaching Abroad (EPE) with funds from the PRR, destined students, teachers and readers.

The visit is part of a set of initiatives with the diaspora, for this mandate, entitled “Portugal in the world: ways of valuing Portuguese communities”, with the aim of strengthening ties, bringing Portuguese residents closer to the foreigner of our country and, simultaneously contribute to a current vision of our diaspora.

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