the students tell how the institute has enabled an exchange with other cultures


In addition to collecting national and international awards and medals, the Instituto de Educação Ciência e Tecnologia do Maranhão (IEMA) has many exciting stories to tell.
Since 2015, Maranhão students have acquired a huge opportunity for professional growth, starting with a technical secondary education.

Through the State Department of Infrastructure (Sinfra), 20 buildings of the institute have been delivered in all regions of Maranhão, expanding the offer of education for all.

The large structure, with all the support of laboratories, living spaces and interaction rooms, allows students to conquer space and improve their intellectual capacity. During these years of operation, IEMA already has several exciting stories of students who have been able to experience novelties, such as exchanges, in the study years, completely free of charge.

Former student Yngrid Kaylane participated in the IEMA Worldwide program and spent five months studying in Canada. Yngrid says having an experience like this marked her life as a whole.

“Having the chance to do an exchange program to visit a new country to improve my English skills, know a new culture, learn responsibility, was amazing, mainly because it was totally free, like it was a present. We had all the necessary support and assistance from the state government while we were there to enable us to continue. It was amazing to spend five months studying in a school and having the experience of living in the home of a Canadian family. We had daily contact with English. In addition, I had the opportunity to make many friendships and live incredible experiences that I will never forget, especially in a phase of life when one is full of desire for discoveries and experiences. ; so it was really unforgettable,” she said.

Kaylane’s story is one of thousands that IEMA builds every day. Through teaching focused on the development of the protagonist, students are encouraged and supported to always dream and seek new knowledge and skills, developing their autonomy and a critical sense of projection towards the future.

Well beyond the theoretical didactics, the IEMA was concerned with the total formation of the student, and Yngrid experienced this, in practice, when he was absent. “I learned a lot from this experience, about adaptation, about responsibility. I learned that I am not alone. I have a support network with me and of course on the language. There is a moment that I think every exchange student goes through, which is to find themselves thinking in English, and which would be very difficult to achieve without this experience of daily contact with the language,” said the young protagonist.

Extension of the IEMA
Since 2015, at the beginning of IEMA’s history, about twenty complete units have already been delivered by Sinfra in all regions and, in order to continue and increase the range of dreams throughout the State, the Government of Maranhão is building more than four complete units, in the towns of Vitória do Mearim, Santa Luzia, São Domingos and São Mateus, the latter already being finalized and delivered.

Discover the Units in operation
Currently, 32 complete units are in operation in the state, offering full-time technical secondary education, in the towns of Axixá, Amarante do Maranhão, Bacabal, Bacabeira, Bacelar Portela, Balsas, Brejo, Carutapera, Codó, Coroatá, Coelho Neto, Cururupu, Viana, Gonçalves Dias, Matões, Pindaré-Mirim, Presidente Dutra, São José de Ribamar, São Luís, Santa Inês, Santa Helena, São Mateus, São Vicente Ferrer, Santa Luzia do Paruá, Timon, Tutóia and Vargem Big.

In addition, 02 primary school units are bilingual, one in São Luís and another in the city of Santa Inês, still under construction. In addition, the State also has 24 professional units offering FIC and professional training. This represents a total of 58 vocational education units across the state.

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