Three cities are among the smartest on the planet; see the list!

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In recent years, the search for smarter cities has intensified around the world, with governments and businesses investing in innovative technologies and solutions to improve the quality of life of citizens.

In this sense, the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) has just published the list of the 21 most intelligent communities in the world, and Curitiba is part of it for the fifth consecutive year. However, it is not just Curitiba that stands out: Assaí and Ponta Grossa also appear for the first time in the ranking. Thus, the three localities of Paraná are the only Brazilians on the list.

To be on the 2023 Smart21 Smart Communities list, each city had to apply the six principles assessed by the ICF in governance actions for inclusive economic prosperity, social health and cultural richness.

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ICF is a nonprofit that studies smart community politics, and the list included cities from eight countries on five continents.

Thus, since 2019, when Curitiba joined the select group of the 21 smartest communities in the world, it is the only representative of South America on this list, establishing itself as a pioneer in the region.

Please note that this is only the first stage of the ICF annual awards cycle and communities can participate by submitting a questionnaire.

In addition, the list of Smart21 of the Year is considered a certain honor and the first step to form the Top 7. In this sense, in 2022, New Taipei (New Taipei City), the largest city in Taiwan, has won the title.

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Finally, discover all the cities that Smart21 has selected:

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