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TikToker Harrison Gilks, 18, died of a rare cancer after filling out a wishlist he created to enjoy life as much as possible. On the social network, the Canadian, who was accompanied by millions of people, showed what his routine looked like, including trips to the hospital. According to The Mirror, the young man died “peacefully” alongside his father, mother and brother. This Thursday (6), the influencer’s family explained that his funeral will be broadcast on Youtube.

The death occurred on March 30, but was not announced until this week. Harrison had a rare cancer, which was diagnosed in November 2020. At the time, doctors discovered a large prostate tumor and spots on his lungs.

After months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he was told he was in remission in February 2022. However, in June he was told the disease had returned and had no treatment. During this period, the young man decided to share his fight against the disease on the social network.

“Not my normal kind of thing to post, but I found out today that I have terminal cancer. […] I was cancer free for a while but unfortunately it came back. The reason I’m doing this and airing it is because I’d like to do a little series,” Harrison said on June 29 last year.

“I’m going to go out and do a lot of things that I’ve always wanted to do, maybe go skydiving, things like that,” he added. On the platform, he showed that he did everything to enjoy life in the best possible way. possible, earning him thousands of followers and viral videos with over 8 million views.

He shared videos of himself at a music festival, riding in a helicopter, meeting some of his favorite sports stars and going on vacation.

His health shaken, the young man returned to the networks to update the clinical picture. “‘The cancer has spread to my liver and one of my lungs has filled with fluid […] It is very difficult to breathe. The doctors said I didn’t have much time. I’ll be in the hospital for the rest of my time. It’s obviously very disturbing.”

“I wish you could do something, or I could do something, or doctors could do something – but there’s no […] The best thing you can do is pray for me. I prayed a lot. Pray for me and my family. It’s been a great trip,” he added.

David, the younger man’s brother, told his followers earlier this week that Harrison died without feeling any pain. In addition, the family pointed out that a foundation had been created to carry the legacy of the young man and help other people with rare diseases.

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